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A soothing voice to help calm your anxiety and end your panic

Hello, I am Dr. Patricia Ledesma and I loved creating these recordings.  I believe the special combination of matching my voice and my words to the soft slow melodies of "Liquid Mind', by the artist Chuck Wild, is what makes this recording especially effective in stopping panic attacks.

My father was instrumental in teaching me how to use my voice effectively.  He was a pioneer in radio and television broadcasting and well known in the 1960s for narrating a syndicated radio program called, “Fascinating Stories,” which was broadcast throughout the United States. I still remember hearing his strong voice on the radio when I was a very young girl and feeling comforted, as though he was right there in the room with me instead away at work. I was shy as a child, hesitant to speak up, and he  would remind me to "project" my voice, explaining that it was important for others to hear me because "what I had to say was important"— a powerful message and lesson for a young girl, especially in those days.

Throughout the years, I’ve enrolled in several voice-over and acting classes in my desire to explore new and fun ways of using my voice. From these classes I learned to effectively use vocal inflection, articulation, enunciation, and emphasis, which I believe gives my recordings a nice professional quality.

Soon after finishing my doctorate I began learning to use hypnotherapy in my private practice as a psychologist. Hypnotherapy allowed me to reach people on a deeper level and help them access powerful inner resources.  It also facilitated uncovering unconscious thoughts and beliefs that had been standing in the way of enjoying their lives. I began using tapes of our hypnosis sessions as well as tapes for clients to use to deal with phobias and fears (such as fear of flying); for increasing self-esteem; for breaking unwanted habits (like smoking); and for addictions. I also made custom recordings for their specific needs and for some extra reinforcement. Listening to a given tape over and over often benefited them more than just a single hypnosis session in my office.

The feedback has been rewarding.  Clients have said that listening to the recordings has not only helped to alleviate their symptoms but has also helped them to more easily drift into a relaxed or meditative state.  Over the years I have made hundreds of recordings and I still hear that a recording I may have made twenty-five years ago, still “works”.

Walking you through the actual moments of panic

A basic human need is to feel safe. Yet because of instant access to the  internet, we may witness terrorist attacks and mass shootings as they are happening. Seeing these horrific events suddenly unfold before us through our mobile devices can shock our bodies and activate our stress hormones. We react as if this horror is actually happening to us.

I have found that panic disorders are on the rise. Many more of us are looking for relief from the symptoms of debilitating anxiety and panic. There are more and more tools available to help us calm down. My desire is to offer a vehicle to help relieve the most intense physiological reaction to fear - a panic attack. 

My voice and words combined with the melodic “Liquid Mind” music, offer you a place to feel safe – Safe in SOUND. My recordings are a supportive tool you can use to move through a panic attack or debilitating anxiety. I bring to my recordings what I have learned to be most effective from my real life experiences; from the knowledge and wisdom I have gained through successfully guiding so many of my clients over the years. 

As you listen, I want you to feel that I am right there with you in the present moment while you are experiencing discomfort. My SAFE IN SOUND Therapeutic Recordings allow you to take my words and my voice with you in the way you would want to have a comforting friend or a trusted loved one there throughout the ordeal.

There are already plenty of soothing and relaxing products on the market, from sounds recorded in nature and various native and cultural music, to combinations of classical and electronic sounds and music, many of which evoke tranquil and even transcendent states. Chuck Wild calls his “Liquid Mind”, ‘musical healthcare’ and indeed it has provided help for many who experience emotional stress or uncomfortable physical symptoms.

So, why listen to my recordings? Because they offer more than simply a voice or a message or soothing music. The value of my recordings comes from the combination of all of these elements which together create a totally unique therapeutic product.

I am offering you this powerful resource to help relieve your symptoms of stress, anxiety, and panic. I am also offering them as a way to help you practice accessing your own "inner knowing" so that soon you will be able to  reassure yourself during those times when you begin to feel unsafe.

I will continue to use my voice for healing and teaching and I will gladly make more recordings for those of you who are asking for this help.