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Safe In Sound Therapeutic Recordings for Panic and Anxiety

These downloads are an inexpensive method of relieving symptoms brought on by anxiety and panic.

They are designed to be used in the moment – while you are in the midst of having a panic attack or uncomfortable anxiety. You can keep them with you on your cell phone or tablet to use whenever you are in a situation that could bring on anxiety or a panic attack. All you have to do to find relief is to listen, and you will be soothed by my calming words and by the tranquilizing melodies of Chuck Wild’s “Liquid Mind.”  The therapeutic value lies in the classic relaxation exercises that have been proven to relieve the symptoms of stress, as well as  the artistic blending of my voice with Liquid Mind’s music. This first offering,  STOP PANIC NOW, is an MP3 file meant for mobile platforms — through direct download to Android and Windows phones or for Apple devices by downloads and inclusion in iTunes.