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Music specifically designed to help with anxiety and panic

As a psychotherapist, I used the soothing melodies from Chuck Wild's Liquid Mind albums as background for hypnosis sessions. Interestingly, as I was researching internet libraries to locate the right music for my upcoming "Stop Panic Now" recording, I came across the Liquid Mind website and discovered that the artist behind the music was Chuck Wild. I was impressed to also find out that he shares my intention through his music, namely, "To create healing work that would make a difference in the world".  And so I realized that unbeknown to me, after all those years of using his melodies as background music, I had happened upon the perfect music to use for my recording.  He had actually created his music for panic and anxiety, and his CDs had been with me all along! 

I knew I had found an amazingly talented, evolved, kindred spirit. Indeed, while I was recording in the sound studio. I became completely mesmerized as I listened to the melodic sounds coming through those highly sensitive head phones. I found myself so caught up in the beautiful and intricate melodies that I couldn’t help but follow along; changing my inflection, tone, pacing, and volume – ebbing and flowing with Chuck’s music. In essence, this recording became an artistic union of our work. 

Liquid Mind Chuck Wild"Your recording is really beautifully produced, the healing intentionality is clearly and effectively communicated, the production values, the sound of your voice, the pacing and content of the script, the sound quality of the music, and the credits are all good.  Edits in the music are seamless as well!

Progressive relaxation was definitely a tool I used when I was having panic attacks, and I would have loved to have had an audio program like this. Your recording with the combination of soothing, comforting and welcoming voice and music, is really excellent. Thank you!!" - Chuck Wild, Liquid Mind

 Addressing classic anxiety symptoms without pharmaceuticals I designed my Safe In Sound recordings to be used either as a substitute or an adjunct to using anti-anxiety drugs. Chuck Wild had created his “musical healthcare” at first, to help himself move through his own panic and the accompanying debilitating symptoms such as heightened sensitivity to sound, light, motion, volume and aural activity.

According to chuck, “I searched for pre-recorded extremely slow, deeply relaxing music but it yielded very few results, so a counselor suggested I compose music that reflected the way I would like to feel….I designed Liquid Mind to facilitate my own healing regimen with no reliance on pharmaceuticals. My requirements were that the music be slow in tempo, full harmonically, more or less continuous, somewhat frequency restricted, atmospheric (did not attract too much attention to itself), and emotionally rich. Of all these elements, the most important was that the compositions be unrushed, at a very slow tempo, without discernible meter.”

American Music Therapy AssociationAccording to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Though music therapy has helped improve the quality of life of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses, it is especially well-suited to help manage stress. Many types of therapists use Liquid Mind as musical therapy for physical disabilities. It has been used for “gait training” to help patients with stroke or paralysis learn to walk again. His music is truly healing.

Chuck’s musical experience spans more than three decades  He has composed more than 150 songs, including compositions used in TV and Film.  He has been signed to both Warner/Chappell Music and Lorimar Telepictures as a staff songwriter. He is currently signed with the music label, Real Music, a label he describes as “having great integrity, with a mission to spread relaxing and healing music throughout the world”.

The song used in the recording “Stop Panic Now” is “Lullaby for Grown-ups”, from the album, Balance, by the artist Liquid Mind.